Pathway In My Dream – CD


01 Memories of brownstones 3:34
02 Lavender Field 3:13
03 Dreaming in a Tea Cup 3:17
04 Light and Shadow of My Heart 3:57
05 Green Willow 3:30
06 Pathway in My Dream 4:21
07 On My Way Home 2:48
08 Deep Forest 4:19
09 Lullaby of the Wind 3:19

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Pathway In My Dream

Home, faraway.
I was always only a stranger in this country.  My journey started in Brooklyn, N.Y. at the apartment of Brownstones more than ten years ago.

I still don’t know where I am heading for. But when I close my eyes, when I hold my guitar close to my heart. I know my home is here deep inside of me.

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