– Natsuki G. San Jose, CA

Nori was a kind and gentle person, and his music is a reflection of those qualities.  His compositions generated a life and soul of their own, taking the listener on magical and ethereal voyages to places of peace and contentment.  Troubles, worry and sadness faded away as Nori opened our minds and hearts to moments of joy, serenity and memories of happiness. He allowed us to paint pictures of our own slices of paradise in our minds.  He was a wonderful person and a compassionate human being, and we will be forever grateful for the gifts he gave us.
– Karl and Gay W.

Those of us that have met Mr. Tachibana, and have had the opportunity to listen to his beautiful music are truly blessed. Thank you for all that you have left us.
– Carol C. Alameda

I cannot begin to tell you how saddened we are by the news of Nori’s passing.  We first heard his music and had the honor of meeting him here in Seattle a few years ago at a Japanese arts and crafts festival.  We were so impressed we eventually purchased all of his discs, which he autographed for us.  They continue to be some of our favorite music albums.  His spirit will live forever not just in his music, but also in everything that is good in this world.  He gave us all a gift that will last forever;  the gift of a peaceful heart.

With sincere gratitude,
– Karl and Gay W. Seattle

“While I never knew Nori personally I feel like he was a close, supportive friend.  I met Nori and Kayoko at a Whole Earth Day festival in Davis, CA a couple of years ago.  I heard Nori’s music in the background of their exhibit booth for beautiful jewelry.  I was touched and bought one of his C-Ds.  Quickly I ordered the other recordings.  I told Kayoko upon hearing of Nori’s death that I listen to his music every day.  I find myself humming his songs.  I give his C-Ds for presents and it makes me feel happy to share his gentle spirit.  Nori has gifted the world with his music and I am so thankful he made the effort to make his music available to us all.  Thank you, Kayoko, for making that possible into the future.”
– Ruth C. Sacramento